Solving social issues by connecting with the best minds in India

Opportunities for graduates and students

We connect Indian students and graduates that have background in technology with promising Japanese companies.

We offer a number of possible matches based on your preferences and qualifications.

Only Top JP Tech Companies

Our partners are Japanese start-ups, unicorn start-ups and SMEs, carefully selected based on the following criteria:

  • Working to solve social and/or environmental problems
  • Uses cutting-edge technologies
  • Offering a diverse and inclusive work environment

Most of the companies we work with have been officially selected for the prestigious J-Startup programme. J-Startup companies are handpicked by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry after rigorous examination, and receive high-priority support from both the governmental and private sectors.


A top medical diagnosis company

Theme: Solving the insufficiency of doctors

Tech: Data analytics for diagnosis


The company that made the DeLorean run on refuse

Theme: Change to create a society without fuel

Tech: Material recycling technology

Dg logo

Creates unique niche products, supported by cutting edge software.

Theme: Solving the world water crisis

Tech: 90% water saving device

Tech Japan

Japan is famous worldwide for its high-tech society where major social and environmental challenges are tackled by emerging industries like robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence. With a surge in both domestic and international competition, such industries are increasingly looking to attract global talent, and, as a nearby country with a booming population and skilled IT professionals, India is the natural first choice.

To connect Indian talent and Japanese tech companies, we have established Tech Japan.
Our team members work closely with the Japanese government and IT companies in order to provide internship and job opportunities for Indian students and graduates.

We are looking for talented people with an interest in Japan and Japanese technologies to help us solve major global issues.

Our supporters

Yukio takeyari

Yukio Takeyari

Chairman of NASSCOM Japan Council

Former Managing Director, Sony India Software Center

"Japanese Tech Startups are great opportunities for IIT people.
I'm glad to support you to collaborate with Japan!"

Kotaro kataoka

Kotaro Kataoka

Associate Professor at Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad

"I contribute to mutual understanding and collaboration opportunities between Japan and India in human resources and technology."

Why Japan?

The Japanese society is open and welcoming towards Indian people.

Japanese companies are making strides in accommodating English-speaking talent. Many organisations nowadays accept English as an official workplace language, on part with Japanese.

The Japan-India Digital Partnership, officially signed in October, 2018, makes it easier than ever before for Indian talent to work in Japan.

The Japanese IT industry offers many opportunities to develop and work with cutting-edge technologies. Japanese companies appreciate Indian talents and offer many opportunities for careers advancement.

Reasons why Indian people choose Japan


Japan is one of the safest countries in the world. It was ranked the third most peaceful country in the world in 2010 and is currently amongst the top ten most peaceful countries according to the Global Peace Index. Things like falling asleep on the train are not a problem in Japan.

Japan is one of the most innovative countries in the world. It is the No.1 country in Asia by Nobel Prize laureates and the No.4 country in the world by R&D expenditure. Japan is determined to lead the way in key technological developments and readily accepts foreign talent in order to make it happen.



Japanese cuisine is known for being both healthy and delicious. The food scene in Japan is quite diverse, offering a wide variety of traditional foods, local specialties, vegetarian alternatives, and international restaurants such as Indian, Italian, and many others. Sushi, Biriyani, Tempura, Dosa, Ramen, and Apam are just a few examples of the many different dishes Japan has to offer!