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DG Takano

By applying design thinking to social and environmental issues, DG TAKANO creates unique niche products, supported by cutting edge software.

Seihou Bldg 7F, 2-21-3, Higashiueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 110-0015, Japan

11 Employees / 9 Foreigners

Q1: What problem do we solve?

We are working to solve the world water crisis, which presently affects around 2 billion people, through high-efficiency, cost-effective water-saving devices that require no electricity.

That being said, water conservation is just one of the areas that we are active in. We also have ongoing projects in the fields of sustainability, public health, and management software. You can read about these on our website.

The core competence of DG TAKANO is design thinking, hence the “DG” in our company name meaning “Designers’ Guild”. Design thinking enables us to review issues from a variety of perspectives in an iterative, solution-based manner. Complex and/or ill-defined problems are reframed into more concrete, human-centric terms in order to come up with outside-the-box, user-centric solutions.

Q2: What cutting edge tecnologies have we recently adopted and what are we keeping an eye on?

Since our primary industry is water conservation, we are keeping an eye on any new developments in this area and constantly updating our products. As a flexible company, we always try to adopt the most recent technologies whenever applicable. Our software engineers, use CI/CD to quickly deliver code to production, Docker/Kubernetes for development and testing, as well as the newest version of Rails framework and JS frameworks such as Vue.js.

As for what we’re keeping an eye on, we intend to use VR/MR technologies in our future products.

In terms of our current machines and equipment, we are using AutoCAD Fusion 360 for CAD and TopSolid for CAM. We use a 5 axis CNC machine which can easily produce parts with an accuracy of 0.001mm. Last but not least, we are in the final stages of developing a green cleaning technology that is more efficient than existing cleaning supplies and has no negative impact on the environment or the human body.

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Q3: What oportunities can we provide for Indian students and graduates?

We offer an opportunity to grow with us and achieve your dreams with our support.

You will be able to learn about the stages of product development in great detail, from the initial idea to designing and prototyping. You will also be able to take part in our design thinking brainstorm sessions and learn the design thinking methodology by applying it to help us come up with unique concepts.

Naturally, you will also get the opportunity to learn, use, and apply the various pieces of technology and software involved in the development processes (latest CNC machines, and programs like Fusion 360 and TopSolid). You will also be able to gain and expand your specialist insights and work with other skilled professionals.

If you have an idea that you really want to develop, you will also be able to start your own project and work on it with the full support of our team.

Q4: What is the selection criteria and skill set required to be part of our team?

Soft skills:

  • Open-mindedness
  • Intrinsic motivation
  • Willingness to adapt to a changing environment
  • Desire to broaden their horizons and expand their knowledge
  • Ability to quickly learn on the job and perform given tasks as efficiently as possible
  • Being comfortable working with little supervision

Hard skills required to join our software development team:

  • Solid experience with common program languages (C, Python)
  • Experience with Ruby and JavaScript, Git, Docker, and Linux
  • Interest in AI, BigData, VR/MR

Hard skills required to join our mechanical engineering team:

  • Basic understanding of Machining tools, cutting methods, CNC programming, and CAD

Being interested in global and social and/or environmental issues is also a big plus.

Q5: Message for Indian students and graduates

Facing new challenges and learning new things is very important in both one’s professional and personal life. If you have a dream or an idea and you are ready to work hard to achieve it, our company is the perfect environment for you!

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